Finding Kickass Customer Service Team

If you are considering a particular call center to outsource your support requirements, keep in mind the following:

Primary Language

We’ve all heard someone complain about not being able to resolve a problem with a customer service representative. It is aggravating for both the consumer and the representative when language barriers prevent direct, meaningful contact.

If you want to outsource customer service to a location where this could be an issue, conduct a test call to ensure that it will not interfere with service quality.

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Conduct an online search for blogs or forum posts about the center’s clients. Consumer reviews can provide additional insight into a typical customer service experience.


Finding vendors who provide incentives to customer service representatives is another way to maximize customer service level when outsourcing.

Some call centers offer tiered bonuses, which allow representatives to earn more money per hour or a bonus if they exceed their goal expectations.

Others offer point reward systems that allow employees to redeem points for prizes. Gamification can help to revitalize a customer service floor and motivate employees to meet metrics.

Call Monitoring Software

Many businesses use call center software that records some or all of the calls. Following that, the calls can be reviewed regularly. Monitoring calls allows you to provide feedback to representatives on their service.

If the system records all calls, they can be accessed to aid in resolving escalated customer service issues or for legal purposes.

Simply knowing that a call may be recorded encourages call center employees to provide excellent service.

Test Calls

Before choosing your ideal call center, find out who some of their clients are and make a test call as if you were a customer with a question. It will provide you with a realistic view of how your customers’ calls will be handled and help you decide whether you want to hire the company to manage your customer service.

Outsourcing your support needs can help you maintain a high customer service level without making the investments required to build an in-house team from the ground up.

Callhounds Global Call center staff agents receive thorough training on your products, services, business vision, and goals with our Professional Training managers. Callhounds Global encourages clients to visit our office during especially during the training period. Still, most training can be completed over the phone or using web-based screen-sharing services if necessary. We use role-play, simulations, test calls, call scripts, and videos as part of standard training procedures.