Hybrid Setup Staff

in the Philippines

At Callhounds Global, we provide the opportunity to hire full-time remote teams with versatile work options. While a considerable number of Filipinos are content working full-time in our offices, we understand that some individuals prefer more adaptable arrangements. Hence, we offer hybrid work conditions, granting our staff the flexibility to work from home a few days per week. This approach ensures that we cater to different preferences, fostering a productive and content workforce.

How it works

Embark on a remarkably smooth outsourcing journey with Callhounds Global, as we simplify the entire process into four effortless steps, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

1. Share your Outsourcing Requirements

Simply share your job description with us, and other requirements and let us take care of the rest.

2. We start Sourcing Your Professional Staff

We specialize in sourcing and selecting highly skilled professionals for your specific requirements.

3. Your Dedicated Staff Reports to you

Your dedicated staff provides daily reports directly to you, ensuring regular and transparent communication.

4. Our Team Manage the Operations

Leave the operational management and quality assurance in our team’s capable and experienced hands.


Flexible Work Setup

The adaptable hybrid model caters perfectly to offshore staff who require office attendance no more than 10 times per month, making it an ideal fit for both small and large offshore teams.

100% Full-Time Hybrid Staff

Perfect for Smaller to Larger Teams

Reduces Travel Time for Employees

Perfect for Work & Life Balance Strategy

Access to Cutting-Edge Office Facilities


Payroll & HR Services

No matter the location of our offshore staff, be it in our state-of-the-art office facilities or as remote home-based workers, we diligently handle all their HR and payroll requirements.

Payroll Disbursement

Mandatory Government Contributions

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

Engagement Activities

Employment Contract


Compare Outsourcing Models

Callhounds Global offers a range of offshore outsourcing models that cater to your specific business requirements. We provide the flexibility to build your ideal team, whether it involves dedicated full-time offshore staff in the Philippines who can work from their homes, adopt a hybrid work arrangement, or operate from office-based settings.


Office-Based Staff

Perfect for Larger Teams

Dedicated Work Station

Promotes Teamwork and Enhances overall Team Efficiency

Suitable for Critical Roles

Optional Branded Room for your Team

Access to Huddle Room, Meeting Room, and Conference Room

Advanced Dedicated IT Equipment

24 Hours on-site support team

State-of-the-art Office Facilities

High-speed Fiber internet with 3 backup ISP

Secured Facility

Team Building & Trainings

Access to Event Hall & Engagement Events


Hybrid Staff

Good for Small to Larger Teams

Up to 10 Office Visits per month

Shared – Coworking Desks

Less Travel for Staff

Increases Employee Satisfaction (Work & Life Balance)

Access to Huddle Room, Meeting Room, and Conference Room

24 Hours on-site support team

Access to Event Hall & Engagement Events

Promotes Teamwork and Enhances overall Team Efficiency


Home-Based Staff

Perfect for Smaller Teams or individuals

Permanent Work-From-Home

Cost-Effective (No Facility Cost)

Access to IT Support 24/7

Access to HR Support Team

Hire From Anywhere in the Philippines

No Traffic or Road Issue 

Increases Employee Satisfaction (Work & Life Balance)

Lower Salary Cost

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