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Callhounds Global solutions are divided into three categories: Inbound solutions, outbound solutions, and backoffice solutions. As a business process outsourcing solutions provider, we make solutions that will suit the needs of every small, medium and big businesses. Choose the best solutions based on your company needs.

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Our Popular Services

Grow your business with callhounds’ popular solutions designed to help you reach your full business potential. Whether you’re looking for a contact center outsourcing or call center solutions, we have them all for you!
Customer Support

Keep your customers loyal and happy by using our customer support service.

Back Office

Lessen your work load and focus on growing your business.

Lead Generation

Hire competent Telemarketers motivated to make sale

Staff Leasing

Outsourcing but still take full control over your staff anytime, anywhere.

Tech Support

Enlist experts to help navigate your clients in  your complex products.

Content Moderation

Outsource the best content moderators for your app.

Cost Efficient & High in Quality

Callhounds Global is a call center service provider that provides high quality workforce. Outsourcing your workforce is a great opportunity to save valuable company resources that can be redirected to other areas of your business.

The Philippines is home to talented English speaking workers that can provide you a high quality of work results. Simply put it this way, Hire 3 agents for the price of one back home.

Top Tier Infrastructure

We ensure your staff are equipped with the technology and facilities that brings the best in them. This in turn spikes productivity and customer satisfaction. As a leading call center services provider we invest in latest technologies that will help our process become more efficient.

Customer Satisfaction (Before)60%
Customer Satisfaction (After)98%

Smart Methodology

Our onboarding process involves constantly developing the skills and capabilities of our agents to provide the best results for your specific company requirements. We will be your partner in developing new ways that can dramatically improve your business processes. Outsourcing your call center in the Philippines will be a lot easier using our Smart Methodology.

Countries Utilizing Solutions
Effective Results

100% Millenial Management Team

Callhounds Global Call Center Services is founded by a group of Millennials that are trained and exposed to new technologies and developments. Our management team can easily adjust to your business requirements with ease. This will make your call center outsourcing in the Philippines a lot easier.

Collective BPO Experience

What our clients are saying about us?

Callhounds Global has a total of 21 years of collective experience in Business Process Outsourcing and handling multitude of clients outsourcing call center services to Philippines. Our contact center outsourcing is also one of the most flexible in the industry.

Callhounds Global is an amazing solutions provider, they were able to provide great appointments for our target market.

John Duvan

Our English customer support is getting a lot of good feed back thanks to Callhounds’ reliable team.

Maria Drobnik

Callhounds’ lead generation solution is helping us cover more market and generate more sales.

Elaine Chen

Back office processes has never been easier. Callhounds Global provides the best most amazing back office outsourcing in our experience.

Martin Bell


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