Adjusting to The New Normal with Telemarketing Outsourcing

In both our professional and personal lives, we are still adjusting and, in some cases, trying to figure out what our new normal looks like. Employees are frequently overwhelmed and burned out, and we know that telemarketing outsourcing can help. In fact, according to a national poll of the US workforce, 58 percent of employees are burned out, up from 45 percent during the COVID-19 pandemic’s early stages.

The effects of employee burnout are illustrated in a Gallop study.

Employees who say they are frequently or always burnt out at work include:

  • 63 percent more likely to miss work due to illness
  • They’re half as likely to talk to their boss about how to approach performance goals.
  • More than two-thirds of people are more likely to go to the emergency room.
  • They’re six times more likely to leave their current job.
  • They are 13% less confident in their abilities.

The unmanageable workload is one of the five factors that contribute to employee burnout. Here are a few ways outsourcing can help you manage your workload and reduce stress.

Outsourcing Telemarketing to Relieve Burnout

Cold Calling

Cold calling potential customers are one of a seasoned sales rep’s least favorite tasks. It takes a lot of tough skin to stay motivated while prospecting leads, making endless transfers, and tracking down the decision-maker.

Your ace in the hole could be a dependable outsourced telemarketing partner. These challenges are our specialty, and they can help your team stay motivated and focused on what matters most: achieving their objectives.

Lead Generation

Partnering with an outsourced telemarketing company that specializes in lead generation is another sure-fire way to keep your internal team motivated. A skilled telemarketing team can generate leads for your company and even structure their efforts to assist your team in determining which leads are the most viable to contact first.

Your team will have a leg up and be even more successful with some additional information obtained through outsourced telemarketing. Team members are happier when they achieve success.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is a complex task that requires mental fortitude, strategic preparation, and teamwork. An experienced telemarketing partner ensures that the right leads are called, so you don’t waste time or resources on potential customers who don’t have buying authority.

Unmanaged and Unstaffed Territories

Given the existing workforce dynamics, putting extra work on current team members to handle open territories when recruiting the right people is too much. Poor hiring decisions can be just as difficult when job turnover is inevitable.

Employees are the most valuable commodity. Don’t overburden them with jobs that could lead to burnout. When looking for new employees, an outsource telemarketing partner may assist with territory management or assistance.

CRM Data Cleanup

Data cleaning is an environment that is often neglected. As more businesses migrate to work-from-home platforms, existing CRM data can become insufficient or obsolete. Outsourcing telemarketing is a quick and easy way to verify and upgrade your CRM. Keep the team from being bogged down by out-of-date contact details.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly created many obstacles for all organizations, and everyone on your team will eventually feel the consequences. Consider using a reputable outsourced telemarketing company to lighten the team’s load and stop internal team member burnout.

It is extremely probable that the pandemic has had an effect on your business in any way. Using only in-house personnel reduces the sense of consistency that the team members and customers can have. An outsourcing partner will assist you in keeping your staff from being burned out, your customers satisfied, and your company is growing.

Callhounds Global has been a trusted partner for thousands of organizations because, as a business, we understand what it takes to be effective in telemarketing and how we can assist our clients in managing their workloads.