What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is a form of service that will assist you in connecting with your customers in the most effective way possible in order to persuade potential customers to buy your goods or services. It is a tactic used to contact a potential client who has never interacted with a salesperson. It is also known as selling outsourcing services.

If you don’t want to spend the majority of your time cold calling, outsourcing is the most cost-effective alternative. It increases your sales and market share while increasing your efficiency. It allows you to concentrate on the center of your market.

What are the Types of Sales Cold Calling Services?

Callhounds Global offers two cold calling services:

  • Appointment Setting – The method of allocating a day and time for the prospect and the salesperson to negotiate the product or service. Call centers are in charge of scheduling appointments depending on the availability of all parties.
  • Lead Generation – Specifically, business-to-business It is generating prospects for potential companies on a variety of levels. It includes those with a wide range of interests, such as “call me in 6 months” or “give me some stuff,” and so on. Contact centers aid in the achievement of business objectives because we have the best staff, technologies, and processes in place to have an exceptional customer experience for your clients.

Laws about Outbound Cold Calling

To escape hefty fines, you must obey the following laws by using cold calling techniques.

  • Do Not Call List – Cold callers who have already called and do not wish to be contacted are allowed to enter their details into a “Do Not Call” list.
  • There is a time frame – Cold callers are only permitted to contact you between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Any call received after that time is deemed illegal.
  • Establish Identity – Cold callers should introduce themselves and clarify why they are calling.
  • Honesty is the required policy – You should be aware that the Securities and Exchange Commission expects all cold callers to be honest.

Callhounds Global abides by these laws. You may rely on us to provide services in an ethical manner.

Selling Outsourcing Services as an Enabler

Consider your company’s primary goal. Your core function is any task that is directly related to it, whereas non-core functions are those that are not. These are the types of non-core functions that can be outsourced.

What is the best way to sell outsourcing services? Our sales skills must be consistently higher in order for us to be successful in selling outsourcing services. It takes more time because customers have more questions about services than about tangible products.

Outsourcing Cold Calling in the Philippines

With Callhounds Global’s cold calling services, you can capture your customer for the first time. We have established a high level of scalability that will aid in the growth of your business.

We have sales scripts that we tweak from account launch to account closure until we have it perfected. We do it quickly and with the assistance of our quality assurance team. Outsource your cold calling process to us if you want it to be better!