Staff Leasing Outsourcing for Your Business

Outsourcing may already be a part of your options if you own a small or medium business (especially if you’re working on a startup).

Doing everything yourself may appear to be less expensive in the short term, but it depletes your time and energy, which could be better spent finding clients or developing a process. In the long run, outsourcing and staff leasing become viable options for completing tasks while keeping overhead costs low. Small businesses may lack the financial resources to outsource an important part of their operations to a third party, but their small size makes it easier to outsource minor tasks. Staff leasing, unlike traditional outsourcing, allows you to keep these tasks and processes “in-house” – albeit in an indirect way, with firms using their own leased staff.

You get the professional services, your leased employee reports to you, and you don’t even have to worry about paying administrative costs or, in some cases, getting necessary equipment. (Some staff leasing firms, particularly offshore types, already have the amenities and tools needed by your leased staff.)

But what types of tasks can you easily outsource? Here are the most common types of work you can get help with – so you no longer have to worry:

Content Creation

When you’re looking for a content writer online, you’ll find a plethora of options. Professionals who are up to date on the latest practices and changes, including keyword overuse, should be sought out by firms. Examine their portfolios or sample articles to ensure that they are capable of producing the tone and type of content you require. Getting traffic to your website or getting conversions is usually the driving force behind the content.

SEO and Digital Marketing

For any website or business, on-page and off-page SEO marketing are essential. Content marketing and email marketing are two common methods. Backlinks and techniques that build both the authority of your website and relationships with other site owners – particularly for off-page strategies – are the measurable returns. For your digital business needs, Staffing and Leasing offers top-notch SEO and Content Marketing Services.

Social Media and PR

More businesses, large and small, are gradually realizing the importance of their online presence, particularly on social media. Optimizing your accounts, depending on your industry, could increase sales and brand awareness. For example, some businesses have begun to use social media and other forms of communication to provide customer service. Well-managed company accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook serve as an extension of PR and serve as a frontline for your company.

There’s a link to content as well because PR managers must be able to write press releases and editorials, as well as manage reputations.

Telesales, Customer Service, and Appointment Setting

When people think of typical outsourcing setups, they often assume that these services are only required for large-scale operations. However, your small business may require personnel to answer the phone, whether to clarify product information, schedule an appointment, or close a sale. If you’ve been personally attending to this, this frees up your valuable time.

Web Design and Development

Many businesses, from small to large, understand the importance of being visible online. Having an official website not only helps to establish the legitimacy of your company but also serves as a jumping-off point for more direct communication. Make sure to request a portfolio of their work as well as some references. It would be advantageous if you had established a budget and conducted some preliminary research into the types of functions and the number of pages you will require—web Design and Development Staffing and Leasing for your company’s needs.

Aside from creating a new website from scratch or redesigning an existing one, you may require maintenance work. Check to see how they’re pricing the work. You can usually get a per-project setup, but if you’ve gone the staff leasing route, maintenance is no longer an issue, and getting other projects started is easier. In the long run, it may be more cost-effective.

Graphic Design

It is critical for startup businesses to get their image right – logo, colors, and other materials. You will have no trouble finding graphic designers to work on your projects. Examine their aesthetics and see if they pass muster by reviewing their previous work. At Staffing and Leasing, we provide not only eye-catching materials of your choice but also up-to-date designs on the latest trends.

Accounting and Human Resources

Regardless of the size of your business, you’ll need to keep your books in order. This could be tricky if you’re not comfortable with outsourcing your accounting function, but as long as you find a reliable professional, it could be extremely beneficial. The trick is to check references and stay in touch at all times.

You’ll also need to deal with employment contracts and the nitty-gritty of hiring people, especially in a legal sense. Human resource functions are frequently outsourced for a good reason. You can look into a plethora of firms and individual professionals.

Virtual Assistant

PAs are no longer confined to a desk and can be as mobile as you are. There are experienced virtual assistants out there who can keep your schedule and needs in order just as well. Again, checking references and possibly testing out how you’d work together for a period of time is the best way to go.

Outsourcing and staff leasing doesn’t have to be intimidating when you work with Callhounds Global, and you have nothing to worry about in terms of work quality. When you work with reputable firms, vetting potential employees may be easier than you think. We make sure that our clients are involved in the process, with prospects being interviewed by both our clients and us. Learn more when you talk to us!