Optimizing Your Professional Operations Team through Outsourcing

Outsourcing Operations: It is slowly becoming difficult to find, acquire, and keeping marketing operations professionals with multifaceted skill sets, combining technical with business acumen and marketing expertise that is budget-friendly having a strong operational strategy, effective business growth plans, and skilled in customer engagements. 

The Benefits of Outsourcing Operations

Lower Cost expert advice, strategic recruitment, and On-boarding  

Hiring experienced professionals could be more expensive than outsourcing operations this service especially if you can’t afford or do not need a full-time person on the role. Considering recruitment, on-boarding costs, and the possible additional cost, time, and effort to bring in a fresh perspective to your team and help you tackle complex projects, build and implement important strategies.  

For instance, A full-time Sales and Marketing Professional at a small company getting about $200,000-$250,000 per year as a base salary. Adding in bonuses, benefits, taxes, overhead and long-term incentives (equity), and could add up to $300,000-$400,000 per year or more. Compare this to a fractional CFO, whereas an ongoing relationship will be at an average of $7,500 per month, that’s more than half of what you actually pay annually. 

Outsourcing Operations or contracting gives you a more unique pool of location independence and a whole lot of highly motivated talent options. 

Looking beyond a full-time workforce, you may be surprised to find a fully skilled professional in which you would normally find too difficult to find in your local pooling. Good contractors often invest in the skills development of their pool of talents. 

You may need help tapping into a new market, widening your revenue streams, strengthening your marketing activities, setting up appointments to boost your sales and promotion activities. Or maybe you need someone who can identify areas of risk in your business or help you set up some of the most important processes or systems to improve your efficiency. These tasks would often require a high level of expertise and dedication that is easier to find if you’re willing to look beyond your own backyard. 

Give your team the flexibility to help your workforce scale. 

Scale-up and down based on your demand. Hire for what you need, when you need it without breaking your head who or where to get your requirement. Lose the hassle of interviews and qualifying your applicants and be able to focus on other aspects of your business. Professional contractors of those taking strategic roles have an internal team they can call upon for certain needs or even a pool of networks to source all they need. 

Freeing yourself and your other employees at risk of burning out and stopping yourself from micro-managing your business, hire an expert instead who can see the bigger picture and “own” certain functions of your organization. This will allow you to focus on the important work of running your company and driving better results. 

Is Now a Good time to Hire a Full-time Employee? 

It is not always the best choice to outsource and contractors know that high visibility roles demand full-time attention and responsiveness. For instance, If you are developing a complex solution and are under a tight deadline for bringing it to the market, you probably want to dedicate a resource to manage the project full time and be able to reach your timeline at the right phase. 

You could also consider a part-time arrangement as you grow and as the volume of work in your organization ramps up, the cost benefits of working with contractors begin to break down, this must be the right phase where you must assess your situations periodically to be able to adjust accordingly. 


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How can you outsource more effectively? 

Building a good process for your outsourcing? Although it is a bit like hiring full-time employees there are still certain fewer red tapes and here’s what you will need to do: 

• Perform a talent gap analysis within your team. 

Start with your company’s goals and determine what resources you have and should have to meet those goals. 

• Develop job descriptions and set your budget. 

Identifying exactly what you need each resource should do is critical and very important information to attain those goals for your company. When outsourcing such strategic roles, you should not solely rely on the experts to provide you guidance, you should also be able to tell your contractor/s what your goals have for the role and what internal resources you can provide, so they can give you an informed cost estimate. 

Carefully Qualify your prospective contractors thoroughly.  

Just as you would an employee, find a fit across a variety of measures your outsourcing contracts have. Factors such as culture, experience, creativity, passion, and skills could help you in choosing your partnered contractor moving forward with the process. 

• Treat your partnered contractor as a family. 

Make your outsourced professional feel at ease and comfortable when dealing with your team. Expect some time for them to onboard and adjust to your business culture by committing to having regular check-ins with them. Make them feel like they are working with you within the same office and show them some appreciation for their work, little kindness goes a long way anyway. 

• Refer and don’t keep your resource from yourself alone 

It is always good to refer your contracting partner to your network. As much as it is tempting to keep your good resource a secret, understand that they would need multiple clients for the economy to work things out. If you value their work, try to at least be generous with your referrals. 

To sum up… 

Growing businesses need top talents who can bring strategic leadership to their teams, but they don’t always need to be full-time employees. Rather than hiring a few people and expecting them to do everything, you can consider outsourcing work to experts. This will allow you to manage your cash flow while gaining the skills and resources you need to grow and scale your company. Callhounds Global is a BPO company that can help you with your management outsourcing needs. For more information, you may contact us by clicking this link.