What is the role of an Appointment Setter?

The main role of Appointment Setters is to use various telemarketing skills to support the sales and marketing function of a business. Appointment setters initiate telephone conversations to engage leads (potential customers) from their database. Appointment setters set-up appointments on behalf of different businesses in different industries such as Legal, Healthcare, Beauty, IT, Finance, Real Estate, and many other industries.

Here are some Business Benefits of having your own Appointment Setter:

  1. They create interest in the services and products that your business is offering.
  2. They will pre-qualify your database and convert those cold leads to warm leads by setting up an appointment with them.
  3. Appointment Setters can also send product samples or a free trial of your subscription service to qualified potential customers.
  4. They can also provide basic customer support and product information to your customers.
  5. Appointment setters can create weekly/monthly reports regarding the success rate of your appointments to help you understand the interest level of your customers in your products and services.
  6. They can also do follow-up calls and marketing database status update.

There are two types of appointment setters: B2B and B2C Appointment Setters

B2C Appointment Setters

For B2C or business-to-consumers, an appointment setter normally calls the end-users from a list of leads and then set up an appointment with a sales representative. Businesses such as Law Firms, Dermatology Clinics, Real Estate Agencies, Hospitality Businesses, and Insurances to name a few, are known to be using appointment setters to contact their customers to generate more sales and improve their efficiency.

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B2B Appointment Setters

On the other hand, the B2B or business-to-business appointment setters normally contact businesses to generate interest in a solution, platform, or service that can help the business generate more sales. They can either send a product sample or provide free trial access to a subscription to generate interest. Once the client shows interest, the appointment setter will then set up an appointment with the sales team to close the deal.

Having an appointment setter generating appointments with qualified potential customers will help you eliminate the Leads Pre-qualification and Discovery Call phases of the sales process. This will not only save you time and money which are valuable resources but as well as improve the quality of your customers.