Why Outsource to the Philippines?

Affordable cost of living, Quality Education System, Business-minded. 

Excellent Work Ethic

Filipinos are known to be workaholics but can create a work-life balance. Working under pressure is not an issue for them since they believe that it is an opportunity for their growth. You can also expect them to be very courteous, not just with the elderly, but with everyone around them and that includes your existing and potential customers. 

English Proficient

According to MBBS Abroad Study Consultancy, the Philippines is the 3rd Largest English-speaking country in the world. More than 95% of its population speaks English, which is one of its official national languages, Tagalog being the other one. 

English is a popular conversational language among Filipinos. Many have developed a neutral accent and would even catch you off-guard with how well they speak. They are fast learners and usually adapt from watching American shows and/or news. 

Enhanced Data Security & Privacy

The Philippines is sensitive to protecting all information, may it be for personal or business. Republic act 10173 or the Data Privacy act of 2012 is highly practiced in any outsourcing industry which assures you of security.

Low-cost Efficiency

By working with outsourcing companies in the Philippines such as Callhounds Global, you would be able to reduce labor and employee expenses by up to 70%. This is due to the low cost of living in the country, which is far more affordable than in western countries. Even though it is more cost-effective in the Philippines, Filipinos can still provide top-quality services equivalent to or better than the employees you can get in your country

Loyalty & Dedicated Employees

When you hear the word hard-working, it would very much describe how Filipinos are when it comes to their commitment to the company, they are in. They believe that even though sometimes it could be challenging, it would not be a factor for them to leave but to grow with the company as well.

Skill Flexibility

Filipinos are known to value experience when it comes to working. It gives them the sense of urgency to produce numbers and enhance the business they are working with. This comes from the Filipino mindset of the importance of family and how they want their loved ones to be well provided for. 

Access to a Huge Talent Pool

You would have access to other people’s knowledge and experience their perspective workwise. When you outsource a team from the Philippines, you will also gain highly skilled and trained employees that will help you achieve your goal. 

Explore Business Solutions by Outsourcing

The idea of creating your own company is not an easy goal. Managing all the functions your company needs, the time-consuming work, financial and physical toll, investing your money in employees, high-end technology software you must use, ensuring data privacy, and other administrative tasks are all part of it.
For a lot of companies, choosing business process outsourcing (BPO) has been a big leap but has proven effective for their business. If you know what you need and where you need help, it will not be a problem for the outsourcing company to provide the best solution/s based on your requirements.
Over the past years, outsourcing from other countries has increased, and the Philippines has stood out to be one of the best outsourcing destinations. Businesses have chosen BPO like Callhounds Global in the Philippines to be a third-party business process provider to fulfill their operational requirements.
The need for professional help is not a cry for help but a way to build and increase your business’ sales. As the Philippines’ economy grows, it shows that their experience provides highly qualified and educated workforce that your company can also utilize.
We could go on and on about how outsourcing from the Philippines would benefit you but to see is to believe when it comes to the results. That option has its strategic part for enhancing your business that you will not regret.
Remember that outsourcing is hiring somebody with skills that you do not have(yet). Look at things from a long-term perspective and all the money you would be able to save without compromising the quality services of your business.
Just because you pay less, it does not mean that you would get less quality. But of course, it does not mean that Filipinos are worth less since you would pay them less. It just shows that the experience you would get would be worth every penny and that your outsourced team would deliver all the necessary needs for you and your business.

Explore Business Solutions by Outsourcing

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