Telesales Outsourcing Solution

Callhounds Global provides experienced telesales to sell your products directly to your leads. It’s an efficient way of boosting your overall revenue and sales process. Take advantage of our telesales outsourcing solution today!

Benefits of  Telesales Outsourcing Solution

Cost Effective

Our affordable contact center telesales outsourcing solution is not only cost-effective but very efficient as well. Save money by utilizing our BPO Telesales Outsourcing solutions and get the best possible results.

Experienced Telesales Team

Looking for an experienced Telesales agent to boost your conversion? Be presented by our trained Telesales agents without the cost of onboarding, all of these while boosting your revenue. Outsourcing experienced telesales agents will give your business a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Effective Solution

Unlike our telemarketing solution which targets a wider range of markets, our contact center Telesales outsourcing solution is a direct way of selling your products and services with the goal of closing sales. Take advantage of this solution if you have a solid list of leads and marketing campaigns that are ready to be converted to actual sales.

Our Telesales Solutions

Callhounds Global’s Call Center Telesales outsourcing services include qualifying leads. Leads received through any medium such as website, brochure, social media, literature requests or email campaigns can be easily worked upon by our talented telesales agent. Your chances of prospect conversion increases by pre-qualifying these leads on an early basis.

Nothing beats a versatile method of creating leads. Callhounds Global’s Call Center Telesales Outsourcing solution has the capability of combining telesales with direct mail and Internet marketing. Our BPO telesales outsourcing solutions will make sure that personal touch to the telesales campaigns are always there so that you can increase the sales conversion of your business, much before the prospect is willing to meet you.