Chat Support Outsourcing Starts at $7

Chat Support Outsourcing has a growing demand worldwide. Looking to boost your customer response rate? Outsource your chat support staff from Callhounds Global a company based in the Philippines, home of highly skilled and talented Filipinos that fits your company requirements. We will take care of hiring, administrative work, and payroll while you manage your staff from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Chat Support Team

Cost Effective

Callhounds Global offers cost efficient rates for in-app or website chat support services. We provide highly skilled professionals at a fraction of what would pay back home or anywhere else.

Skilled Workforce

We will provide full administrative support to process the payroll, taxes, and other necessary paperwork while you’re managing your business. Our highly skilled agents will make sure that your customer response rate is meeting your goals.

Quality Infrastructure

Callhounds Global Offices are located in different business centers in the Philippines, these locations are equipped with advanced systems and infrastructure to address almost any requirements.

Chat Support Solutions