Why the Philippines?

Learn why Businesses worldwide chooses the Philippines as their Outsourcing and Offshore Staffing Destination.


Reasons to Outsource or Offshore to the Philippines

Excellent Work Ethic

Filipinos are known to be workaholics but can create a work-life balance. Working under pressure is not an issue for them since they believe that it is an opportunity for their growth. You can also expect them to be very courteous, not just with the elderly, but with everyone around them and that includes your existing and potential customers. 

Low-cost Efficiency

By working with outsourcing companies in the Philippines such as Callhounds Global, you would be able to reduce labor and employee expenses by up to 70%. This is due to the low cost of living in the country, which is far more affordable than in western countries. Even though it is more cost-effective in the Philippines, Filipinos can still provide top-quality services equivalent to or better than the employees you can get in your country

English Proficient

According to MBBS Abroad Study Consultancy, the Philippines is the 3rd Largest English-speaking country in the world. More than 95% of its population speaks English, which is one of its official national languages, Tagalog being the other one.  English is a popular conversational language among Filipinos. Many have developed a neutral accent and would even catch you off-guard with how well they speak. They are fast learners and usually adapt from watching American shows and/or news. 

Loyalty & Dedicated Employees

When you hear the word hard-working, it would very much describe how Filipinos are when it comes to their commitment to the company, they are in. They believe that even though sometimes it could be challenging, it would not be a factor for them to leave but to grow with the company as well.

Enhanced Data Security & Privacy

The Philippines is sensitive to protecting all information, may it be for personal or business. Republic act 10173 or the Data Privacy act of 2012 is highly practiced in any outsourcing industry which assures you of security.

Great Infrastructure
The pivotal role of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in fueling the economic growth of the Philippines underscores the paramount significance of robust infrastructure to sustain this industry. It’s this very driving force that has spurred the development of a world-class infrastructure poised to support and propel the BPO sector to new heights.
Skill Flexibility

Filipinos are known to value experience when it comes to working. It gives them the sense of urgency to produce numbers and enhance the business they are working with. This comes from the Filipino mindset of the importance of family and how they want their loved ones to be well provided for. 

Access to Huge Talent Pool

You would have access to other people’s knowledge and experience their perspective workwise. When you outsource a team from the Philippines, you will also gain highly skilled and trained employees that will help you achieve your goal. 

Other Compelling Reasons

Why offshore to Philippines

Grow your Business without worrying about your Manpower Pool

Explore growing your business by using Callhounds Global’s specialized expertise in offshore staffing to the Philippines. Our Offshore Staffing solutions present a compelling proposition for igniting growth and optimizing operational efficiency.

Benefit from the Philippines’ abundant talent pool, recognized for its English proficiency and skillful workforce. Callhounds Global facilitates the seamless integration of this talent into your team, ensuring a dynamic and productive partnership that enhances your business operations. Experience substantial cost savings without compromising quality, as our competitive rates allow you to strategically allocate resources and drive your business further. Moreover, the advantageous time zone differential empowers you to achieve round-the-clock productivity, accelerating project timelines and fostering a competitive edge in the global market. Our customizable solutions span a wide spectrum of functions, from administrative support to technical expertise, adapting to your unique requirements. With Callhounds Global handling the complexities of recruitment, HR management, and payroll, you’re unburdened to focus on strategic initiatives and overall business growth. Embrace a future of limitless potential through our tailored offshoring solutions, solidifying your brand’s success on a global scale.

Why Outsource to the Philippines

Focus on other aspects of your Business and let us handle the rest

Outsourcing business processes to a reputable partner like Callhounds Global in the Philippines offers a strategic advantage for businesses worldwide. With access to the Philippines’ skilled and English-proficient workforce, your operations benefit from a pool of experts who seamlessly integrate into your team, providing fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. Our cost-efficient solutions enable you to allocate resources more strategically, empowering you to focus on core strategic initiatives and navigate a competitive landscape with agility and precision.

What sets Callhounds Global apart is our unwavering commitment to seamless collaboration and tailored solutions. By outsourcing to us, you gain a dedicated partner focused on aligning our expertise with your business objectives. With streamlined processes, comprehensive support, and years of experience, we ensure a smooth transition and optimal performance across various functions. Whether it’s administrative tasks, technical complexities, or customer support, outsourcing to Callhounds Global equips businesses worldwide with the tools to drive efficiency, harness global talent, and achieve sustainable growth in today’s interconnected business environment.


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