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Enhance your brand’s reputation with Content Moderation Outsourcing by Callhounds Global. Our comprehensive content moderation services cover text, images, videos, apps, and social media, ensuring the safeguarding of your brand’s integrity.

Improve your Brand’s Reputation with Content Moderation

Maintain or Improve your brand’s reputation through the power of strategic content moderation. At Callhounds Global, we specialize in fine-tuning every aspect of your online presence. Our comprehensive content moderation services encompass a wide array of media, including text, images, videos, apps, and social media platforms. By meticulously curating and managing the content associated with your brand, we guarantee that every interaction resonates with your brand’s values, creating a seamless and authentic online identity. With Content Moderation Outsourcing by Callhounds Global, you can confidently navigate the digital landscape, knowing that our expert team is dedicated to safeguarding your brand’s integrity. By maintaining a vigilant watch over all forms of content, we ensure that your brand’s reputation remains unblemished and shines brightly in the eyes of your audience.


Benefits of Outsourcing your Content Moderation to Callhounds Global

Expertise & Specialization

Outsourcing content moderation connects you with professionals who specialize in maintaining online content quality and safety. These experts possess in-depth knowledge of the latest moderation techniques, industry trends, and emerging challenges, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach to safeguarding your brand.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

Outsourcing content moderation to experts like Callhounds Global ensures a consistent and positive online image. By meticulously filtering and curating content across various platforms, you shield your brand from inappropriate or harmful material, thereby fortifying its reputation and credibility in the eyes of customers.

Scalability & Flexibility

As your brand grows and experiences fluctuating content volumes, outsourced content moderation adapts accordingly. Outsourcing partners like Callhounds Global possess the scalability to handle increased content demands during peak periods and seamlessly adjust services when needed. This flexibility ensures consistent moderation quality and customer satisfaction, irrespective of content volume fluctuations.

Risk Mitigation

By entrusting content moderation to external specialists, you minimize the legal and reputational risks associated with hosting objectionable or harmful content. Outsourcing partners are equipped to handle complex legal and compliance issues, reducing your exposure to potential liabilities.

Cost Effective

Entrusting content moderation to a specialized external partner allows you to streamline your internal operations. This translates to reduced operational costs, as you avoid the need to invest in additional staff, training, and technology. You can focus your resources on core business activities while leveraging the expertise of the outsourcing provider.

Global Reach

Outsourcing enables you to cater to a global audience while ensuring culturally sensitive content moderation. Providers with diverse teams can effectively manage content in multiple languages, tailor communication styles to different regions, and navigate cultural nuances, expanding your brand’s global reach.

Let Callhounds Global improve your online presence with the expertise of our seasoned social media content moderators. Our handpicked team is committed to seamlessly aligning every piece of content with your company’s stringent guidelines, ensuring that your digital narrative resonates seamlessly with your brand ethos and captivates your audience.

At Callhounds Global, we understand the importance of upholding your company’s values across every digital platform. With acute attention to detail, our experienced social media content moderators meticulously review and curate content, surpassing your established guidelines. From text, images, and videos, to interactive elements, our vigilant watch ensures consistency, authenticity, and a positive brand image, empowering your business to forge meaningful connections in the dynamic digital realm.

Some of the Social Media Platforms we can moderate:

  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter/X
  • WhatsApp
  • Weibo
  • Youtube
  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places
  • Snapchat
  • Telegram
  • Sina Weibo
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • Discord
  • Twitch
  • Tumblr
  • and many more

Experience the assurance of top-tier app moderation through Callhounds Global. Our seasoned app moderators are dedicated to maintaining the utmost quality of content submitted or broadcasted on your app, meticulously adhering to your company’s, industry’s, App Store’s, Google Playstore’s, and other platforms’ guidelines. Whether it’s for LIVE-Streaming applications or platforms, our comprehensive solution stands as the perfect safeguard, ensuring your users engage with content that aligns seamlessly with the highest standards of excellence.

In the dynamic landscape of digital interactions, Callhounds Global understands the criticality of upholding guidelines across various platforms. Our adept team of app moderators offers an unwavering commitment to curating content that embodies your brand’s ethos. With a sharp eye for detail, they oversee text, images, videos, and more, guaranteeing an experience that not only meets but surpasses expectations. Embrace the power of our solution, designed to enhance user engagement, foster trust, and create an environment where your app flourishes with integrity and distinction.

Enhance your video content standards with the expertise of our seasoned video moderators at Callhounds Global. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that the quality of video content submitted to you adheres rigorously to your company’s guidelines and video hosting platform standards. Beyond this, we go the extra mile to meticulously categorize these videos, ensuring a seamless and organized presentation that resonates with your brand’s identity and enhances user engagement.

In a world where visual communication holds immense power, Callhounds Global understands the importance of maintaining your brand’s reputation. Our experienced video moderators possess a keen eye for detail, carefully reviewing each submission to guarantee it meets the highest quality standards. Not only do we safeguard your brand’s image, but we also streamline the user experience by accurately categorizing videos. This diligent approach not only showcases your commitment to excellence but also empowers your audience to effortlessly explore and enjoy the content, fostering a connection that extends beyond visual appeal.

Some of the Video Hosting Platforms that we can moderate:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • TikTok
  • Twitch
  • Facebook
  • and many more

Elevate your platform’s visual integrity with the expertise of our seasoned image moderators at Callhounds Global. Our dedicated team is poised to ensure that the quality of the image content submitted aligns precisely with your company’s guidelines. Going beyond this, we diligently categorize these images, creating an organized and impactful presentation that mirrors your brand’s identity and enhances user engagement.

In a digital landscape driven by visual communication, Callhounds Global recognizes the significance of upholding your brand’s reputation. Our experienced image moderators possess a discerning eye, meticulously reviewing each submission to uphold the highest quality standards. Beyond safeguarding your brand image, we meticulously categorize images to optimize the user experience. This meticulous approach not only showcases your unwavering commitment to excellence but also empowers your audience to seamlessly explore and appreciate the visual content, cultivating a connection that extends beyond aesthetics.

Improve your content standards with the expertise of our seasoned article moderators at Callhounds Global. Our dedicated team is poised to ensure that the quality of the articles submitted aligns precisely with your company’s guidelines. With a meticulous eye for detail, we meticulously review each submission, safeguarding your brand’s reputation and upholding the highest editorial standards.

In an era where content speaks volumes, Callhounds Global understands the paramount importance of maintaining your brand’s credibility. Our experienced article moderators meticulously assess every submission, ensuring it adheres to your guidelines and resonates with your brand’s voice. Beyond quality control, we foster a seamless and enjoyable user experience by guaranteeing that all articles are in line with your established parameters. This diligent approach not only reinforces your commitment to excellence but also empowers your audience to engage with content that embodies your brand’s values, fostering a connection that extends beyond words on a page.


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Reviews of Our Satisfied Customers

Callhounds Global provides quality Technical Support teams to 4 of our subsidiaries and our mother company. As one of our key outsourcing partners, their experience in training quality technical support teams and their ability to address customer technical concerns according to company standards are very impressive and a great factor to consider when you hire them. This is our third year of working with them and we don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

Eleni Papageorgiou
Head of Vendor Management

Callhounds Global has always been our partner from our very first app up to our latest e-commerce app. Their customer support and content moderation solutions are helping us grow our business and retain our users. Their ability to meet SLAs and KPIs is one of the best things about this company.

Jessica Peters
Outsourcing Manager

Callhounds Global is one of our most reliable outsourcing solution partners, they can always meet our target onboarding date, required headcounts, and specific staff experience relative to our roles available. We’ve grown exponentially thanks to their 24/7 support and amazing management team.

Eric Nam
Senior HR VP

As a company with multiple divisions and subsidiaries, we have a lot of managers and executives that need support in their day-to-day workload and activities. Callhounds Global has been a game changer for us, ever since we started utilizing their Virtual Assistant solution, the productivity of our managers and executives increased a lot. Not only we are saving on labor costs, but we are also getting the best-qualified virtual assistants there are.

Olivia Baker
VP of Vendor Management

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