Non-Voice Solutions

Discover tailored Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) non-voice solutions designed exclusively for your unique business needs. At Callhounds Global, we offer comprehensive BPO services to meet your specific requirements and drive your business forward such as Chat Support, Content Moderation, Virtual Assistance, and Virtual Office.


Non-Voice Call Center BPO Solutions

NON-VOICE Solution

Chat Support

Provides chat support to your customers via web, in-app, social media, or sms. This can be powered by AI or by a real person using our proprietary customer management system or via a partner tool. Perfect for improving your B2B & B2C customer satisfaction, and retention.

NON-VOICE Solution

Content Moderation

With consumer dependency on review sites and a brand’s online reputation. Business owners have to be really careful in what they put out and whatever is being generated by their consumers. Businesses lose 1/5 of customers just because of a negative review. Invest. Hire a content moderator in the Philippines for web, game, app, or social media content moderation.

NON-VOICE Solution

Virtual Assistant

With their versatility in handling both technical and creative tasks, Virtual Assistants (VAs) can be the perfect complement to anyone they work with. Whether you require assistance in administrative tasks or marketing endeavors, a VA is there to support you. Start outsourcing your Virtual Assistant needs with Callhounds Global and experience the benefits of having a skilled and reliable VA by your side.

NON-VOICE Solution

Employer Of Record (EOR) Services

EOR Easylink by Callhounds Global offers a seamless and compliant solution for businesses looking to expand their workforce globally without the hassle of navigating complex international employment laws. EOR, which stands for “Employer Of Record,” is an essential service that empowers you to hire and manage overseas talent effortlessly.

NON-VOICE Solution

Virtual Office

Start having your own Premium Virtual Office Address in the bustling business district of Ortigas. Our Ortigas Virtual Office solution is perfect for remote entrepreneurs, businesses, and startups who would like to register their businesses without the cost of renting a physical office space. Get your own office address at a very affordable rate!


Advantages in working with us

Accent & Product Training

Callhounds Global conducts rigorous accent, culture, and product training before onboarding an agent at no cost to you.

Latest Infrastructure

Our agents use the latest call center infrastructure and technologies to make sure that we can provide highly effective solutions.

Quality Assurance

Callhounds Global conducts strict quality assurance and monitoring activities to make sure that we adhere to our service level agreements.

Cost Effective Packages

Take advantage of our cost-effective inbound call center solutions. We offer different pricing models suited to the needs of all businesses.

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