Phone Answering Outsourcing Starts at $7

We provide phone answering solutions using interactive voice response (IVR) for a more efficient and faster response to callers trying to reach your business. Make your customer happy by providing fast response time using our advance call center phone services.

Benefits of Call Center Phone Answering Outsourcing

Cost Effective

Too many calls, but have limited time? Avoid hang-ups and let us help you grow your business! Our affordable phone answering services are packed with quality that definitely gives value-for-money.

Experienced Virtual Receptionists

If you are looking to outsource your answering service, you’re on the right site! We can provide you with dedicated live virtual receptionists integrated with interactive voice response to help deliver a high level of customer experience.

Around the Clock Services

We understand that customers are the lifeblood of a business and that there are businesses that need this service 24/7. We will help you give them more than what they deserve— a top-notch customer service.

Our Call Center Phone Answering Solutions

We will provide a 24/7 call center number and agents to answer your customers inquiries.

Focus on growing your business. We will handle all inquiries using our call center phone services for small and medium businesses.

We will provide a virtual assistant to answer all the calls for you or for your executive team.

We will provide an internet telephone answering service with a receptionist to answer all inquiries directed to you by different brands.

Callhounds Global will provide your business with an Emergency Phone Answering Services, it means that it can accommodate both inbound and outbound emergency communications. This may include phone calls, email responses, SMS replies, and call transfers.

We will create a toll-free number for your business. A toll free number is a specialized code that is usually added in to the recipient’s phone number when dialing. Toll-free numbers work by redirecting your phone line’s incoming calls into a third-party, usually a call center company. This solution is usually outsourced to handle overseas customers who would like to know your company’s services or products.

Toll Free number such as 800 will make it easier for your customers to reach you. It will also increase your company’s credibility and accessibility.

Connect with your client easily and give your business that local feel using a 1300 toll free number. All businesses both big and small need toll-free answering services, especially those who aspire to become globally competitive. Acquiring this service will allow you to have a charge-free long-distance communication line that your customers can use to avail of your products and services. This can also be a way for you to attract more business prospects.

If you’re too busy growing your business, a 1 800 toll free number is your solution. Forward your calls to us, outsource 1-800 answering services.