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People were compelled to cease traveling and stay at home because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The desire to visit other nations or cities had to be put on hold. It had an impact on the travel and tourism industry that will last for years to come. However, as the world recovers from the devastating effect of the pandemic, there is a sudden increase of people starting to visit different destinations, and experts called this “The Rise of Revenge Travelling Phenomenon. With this phenomenon, businesses in the travel and tourism sectors are starting to feel the surge of tourists and finding it hard to accommodate their demands. A BPO company such as Callhounds Global will be able to provide additional back-office support to these businesses by means of outsourcing. Our BPO Travel and Tourism Outsourcing Solution includes a team that can provide quality reservation agents to handle your flight booking/ airline reservation, airline customer support, accommodation booking, restaurant reservations, and other sorts of booking services. This can also be in the form of airline customer support or hotel customer support to address the concerns or inquiries of your guests/customers. Some Hotels for example, would outsource their whole hotel reservation, telephone operators, and concierge team from a BPO company, this is not only economical but more efficient in the management point of view. These companies will not only improve their overall customer experience without spending a fortune, but as well as have complete control of the customer journey, resulting in positive guests/customer feedback and increased loyalty. As competitors grow, the need to keep up with the trends by making sure your online presence is shown to multiple channels, creating positive reviews, and guiding customers with their travels is particularly important. In this situation, outsourcing your workforce would be a wise decision for your company. In the Rebooting customer experience to bring back the magic of travel article, it says in this changing landscape, travel companies that prioritize CX can gain loyalty, build resilience, and future-proof their businesses.

What are the benefits of outsourcing in the Travel and Tourism Sectors?

By outsourcing your team from a BPO company like Callhounds Global, you will be able to provide 24/7 support to your guest/customers anywhere in the world, no matter what timezone or time of the day therein. When your customer is not in their home for a quick business trip or a family vacation, the least that they would expect is an unwanted issue with their booking reservation, this is where your team of highly trained professional airline customer support  or hotel customer support team comes in to address any situations that will impact your customer satisfaction and on how they will view your business in the future.

According to a 2021 IBM Report, the pandemic hit the highest record on Data breach, reaching up to $4.24 million per incident on average. Callhounds Global is a certified PCI DSS Compliant, and we take the security of our system seriously to protect our clients and their data. In addition, you can rest assured that all your guests/customers information will remain confidential.

Another benefit of our BPO Travel and Tourism Outsourcing Solution is workloads are equally distributed therefore, your staff can focus on the needs of your guests/customers better. This gives them the opportunity to increased your customers satisfaction and loyalty to your brand, improved their customer experience (CX), and tendency for them to recommend your business to their friends and families in the future. Start improving your customer satisfaction by utilizing our Airline Reservation Outsourcing Solution partnered with our Airline Customer Support Services.

By outsourcing your team from Callhounds Global, you will be able to save up to 70% of your labor cost. In comparison, 3 agents in the Philippine is equivalent to 1 agent back home. Start saving by utilizing our Airline Reservation Outsourcing and Travel and Tourism Outsourcing Solutions.

Our Travel and Tourism Business Process Outsourcing Services

Virtual Concierge

Our BPO Travel and Tourism Reservation Services offers professional concierges who are trained to help your guests/customers with their concerns such as; booking a reservation in the newest michelin star restaurant in town, or book a ticket to disneyland. They can do everything that a regular concierge can do, the only difference is that they work in our office halfway across the world.

Travel Agent

Part of our BPO Travel and Tourism Outsourcing Solution is our professional reservation agents who are trained to help your customers book their flight ticket, hotel reservations, train tickets, or come up with a travel package specific to your guests/customers needs. This solution is perfect for Travel Agencies, Leisure Parks, Airlines, and Hotels.

Virtual Property Manager

This professional is the in charge of recruiting, conducting training, and making sure that the staff is supervised at all costs. They are also in charge of making sure that the budgets are in order while maintaining the financial records. When there are online events that need to be managed, they make sure that the proper bookings are made to make sure that conflicts won’t happen. Overall, they also create content to promote tourism in the specific area they are assigned to.   

Customer Support

Our team of professional travel and tourism customer support representatives will help you assist all the inbound inquiries asking for the services or products of your business. They can be an Airline Customer Support, Hotel Customer Support, or Theme Park Customer Support.

Chat Support

Imagine all the visitors of your website on a daily basis, most of those visitors has a question or two. A realtime live chat support agent will be able to provide the realtime assistance and answers to their questions about your services. This is a perfect solution to partner with our Airline Reservation Outsourcing Solution.

Virtual Assistants

Our Virtual Assistants are professionals equipped with the knowledge of using different productivity tools to help you manage your business. They can manage your social media pages, help in coordinating with the different departments within your company or otherwise, and support marketing campaigns of your business. If your business is just starting up, you might need someone to do all of these while supporting your customers, they can also do Travel and Tourism Customer Support if the number of inquiries are minimal.