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We all know that running your own retail business is not easy – even tougher if you are a startup business. Building it up from scratch, making sure that you have the right location to reach your target market, creating ads to make your brand known, and having people to support the growing number of customers buying your products. By outsourcing from a BPO company to support your growing business, they will make sure that they will provide unapparelled customer service support to your customers- answering inquiries and concerns and improving the overall customer experience. Choosing this solution would enhance your business’ growth by receiving positive feedback from your customers thus increasing your customer satisfaction rating. You can also outsource your dedicated team to handle your inventory monitoring, making sure that all the orders are accounted for, and supplies are always replenished in time. Outsourcing for your retail business, like any other service, has its pros and cons. We strive to make sure that we get to know what yours is about to be able to give you the right team. According to the Winning with commercial excellence: Ten lessons for consumer goods article, these long-term trends are taking shape against a challenging backdrop of talent shortages and wage increases, severe inflationary pressure, and ongoing supply chain volatility. As a result, CG companies are being challenged to rethink their business models and refocus on the imperative of profitable growth. Allow our voice and non-voice agents, who are knowledgeable in e-commerce platforms, to help your business growth.

What are the benefits of outsourcing for your Retail Business?

Our Retail Support BPO Outsourcing Services

Staff Leasing

Our staff leasing solutions will give you access to any position you would like to be filled by a an employee offshore. For example, Sales Manager, Retail Manager, Virtual Merchandiser, Website Developer, etc.

Inventory Management

Our experienced team of Inventory Managers will help you monitor your inventory, to ensure supplies are available to all of your offline branches and online stores.

Data Management

The never-ending task of organizing data and making sure that all the numbers added up can take a long time to process. Trusting an outsourcing team to do this service for you can be tricky, but with us, your data is secured especially when you have more than 1 million customers buying your products.

Customer Support

Our team of professional customer support representatives will help you assist all the inbound inquiries asking for more information about your products, prices, shipping fees etc 24/7.

Chat Support

Our trained real-time chat support agents will be able to assist your customers while they are still in the process of buying your products from your website. Treat them as if they are your customers’ virtual sales specialist.

Technical Support

Our tenured Technical Support Agents will provide 24/7 assistance to your customers when it comes to product issues/technical support.