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The challenge in the real estate industry is making connections with buyers and sellers to close a deal. You would be required to invest a fair amount of time and effort without the guarantee of succeeding in the end. It would be easier to market your listing, make inbound and outbound calls, and manage your client list if you utilize outsourcing solutions from an experienced BPO Company. By understanding what challenges your business is facing, you would know where you need help or where you are lacking. When you start outsourcing, your core people will be able to focus on their tasks and reach out to a much wider market while letting the BPO Company handle your cold calling activities and respond to inbound inquiries. With the fast digital growth, we are living in, hiring a digitally skilled team would save you money and time. By hiring a content marketing specialist who can focus on your social media platforms and blog postings. And establishing 24/7 customer help for questions and making appointments will help your real estate business achieve the best results. “The future of real estate is no longer about delivering four walls to tenants,” says RXR CEO Scott Rechler in a Mckinsey article. “Instead, it is about creating a unique, personalized customer experience that fosters meaningful interactions, collaboration, and productivity. Delivering this will require a unique combination of capabilities that seamlessly integrate across the physical and digital realms.” To see excellent results, you do not have to do it all by yourself. Outsourcing means delegating tasks and enhancing growth for your real estate business.

What are the benefits of outsourcing Real Estate support services?

Our Real Estate BPO Outsourcing Services

Market Research

This solution focuses on analyzing data, conducting research based on what is needed, and also reaching out to potential buyers in the real estate market. The client’s objective should be clearly stated so the specialist could focus their abilities on reaching the goals of the client.   

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants performs administrative tasks, conducting numerous inbound and outbound calls depending on the client’s directions, creating appointment settings, and scheduling meetings. Someone who multitasks all your tasks for you and is easily adaptable to changes. This is perfect if you are looking for an executive assistant.

Property Management

This solution, ensures that property budgets are well managed and accounted for. Creating marketing advertisements that could attract potential buyers and even sellers. It will also ensures that rental fees and taxes are collected on due dates for a smoother cash flow. This is perfect for Real Estate companies that have short-term and long-term rentals in their portfolio.

Customer Support

Our team of professional customer support representatives will help you assist all the inbound inquiries asking for more information about the properties your company is selling or buying.

Chat Support

Around 95% of real estate buyers visits the webpage of the real estate company before they start communicating. Imagine all the visitors of your website on a daily basis, most of those visitors has a question or two. A realtime live chat support agent will be able to provide the realtime assistance and answers to their questions about the properties in your portfolio.

Appointment Setting

Our well trained appointment setters will assist potential homebuyers/sellers in setting up appointments for property viewing.