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Since firms are known to be expensive and may be difficult to contact, it is more convenient to outsource people who have specialized knowledge in customer engagement and can perform back office legal tasks. This would give you an open door to highly skilled talents that are experts in the legal back office sector. In our BPO Legal Outsourcing Services, through proper delegation, your resources would give you higher productivity rates. We could provide you with legal professionals with specific expertise that your firm needs help with. Functions like legal research and writing, setting hearings, and organizing legal documents in the cloud. You could also have sufficient access to experts in legal software solutions without needing to hire internal employees. Given that we stick to security measures with your outsourced team, all of your legal data will be secured. Overall, this would give your lawyers the chance to focus on your high-end clients and provide excellent services that lead to valued rates. According to Gorriceta in an article from Businessworld, he said: “With the unprecedented change in technology and the country’s rapid shift to digital economy, the legal industry also had to embrace and adopt new digital protocols,”. By outsourcing, you would be able to provide solutions on a day-to-day basis.

What are the benefits of outsourcing Legal Back Office Services?

BPO Legal Outsourcing Services from the Philippines cuts the price by more than half with getting the same service or maybe even better. It just means that here, we can offer more affordable services.

There are a lot of opportunities that you can have, including the flexibility of how you want things to be placed. Callhounds Global could easily increase the size of your team where you feel like help is needed and also lessen them if the load isn’t that much anymore. 

You will have an option to access all the information through cloud-based management. According to a 2017 Verizon study, there was a 77% increase in business productivity when they started using cloud-based technology for management. 

Once the team familiarizes themselves with the business process, this will give them the opportunity to reach more clients and the ability to compete with other firms. Imagine having people who work with you round the clock and are conveniently available to manage things whenever you need them. Remember that lacking manpower can greatly affect the customer service you offer to your clients. 

Callhounds Global’s BPO Legal Support Outsourcing Solution provides quality support to all our clients. By not having to worry about the cost, your team would be able to concentrate on the business’ growth. You can just let your outsourced back office legal team to handle the paperwork, signing of documents, appointment settings, and even hearings transcription if needed.  

Our Legal BPO Outsourcing Services

Legal Virtual Assistant

Our Legal Virtual Assistants are trained professionals who can help in preparing your documents, typing in what you need help with, creating power points for case hearings, and even booking appointments. This could be in a work from home set up or in an office setting, whichever you prefer.

Legal Transcriptionist

Part of our Legal Support Outsourcing Services is our trained transcriptionists who will  help in recordings of any legal events, producing documents from the hearings, and even thoroughly comprehending the hearing materials all in a professional manner. 

Virtual Paralegals

One of the key solutions of our Legal Support Outsourcing Services is our Virtual Paralegals, these professionals can provide dedicated support by preparing the documents needed before trials and hearings. Ensuring that everything is organized before legal events begin. They can also do research and well adjustable to whatever the lawyer needs. They can be assigned to specific lawyers or to a legal team.

Customer Support

Our BPO Legal Support Outsourcing Solution can also provide dedicated professional customer support representatives who will help you assist all the inbound inquiries asking for Lawyer availability, or list of services that your firm is offering.

Chat Support

Imagine all the visitors of your website on a daily basis, most of those visitors has a question or two. A realtime live chat support agent will be able to provide the realtime assistance and answers to their questions about your services.

Appointment Setting

Our well trained appointment setting agents will assist your Lawyers in setting up appointments for any potential or existing clients.