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We all know that insurance is a necessity, whether it may be for yourself, your home, your car, your healthcare, education, business or even for your pet. There is a lot of competition in the market for insurance services. Of course, people will always look for the price difference before deciding which one to get. Before you start outsourcing the right solution to help your business grow, you must make sure that the team you are outsourcing has what it takes to beat your competitors. Our telemarketers are trained professionals in the insurance industry, they can provide quotations based on the requirements of your clients, whether it is for their education, business, or housing insurance that they are looking for, we will be able to provide the best CX than what your competitors can offer. One additional support you might need is claim processing, to ensure minimal to no errors in your client’s claims process, you could outsource a team who specialize in the field. Also, as insurance is more valuable now, hiring a claims specialist who your clients can reach out to anytime they have inquiries or complaints could be beneficial for your company, especially in terms of customer satisfaction. According to the article Automating the insurance industry, the insurance industry—traditionally cautious, heavily regulated, and accustomed to incremental change—confronts a radical shift in the age of automation. With the rise of digitization and machine learning, insurance activities are becoming more automatable and the need to attract and retain employees with digital expertise is becoming more critical, and Callhounds Global can help your business grow in the age of digitalization.

What are the benefits of BPO Insurance Services?

Our Insurance BPO Outsourcing Services

Recruitment Officer

These are professionals that focuses on hiring, creating content for job descriptions/roles, conducting interviews for hire, sourcing from databases by using social media platforms, and joining recruitment groups.   

Claims Processing

Our claims specialist verify information about policies, process procedures and customer paymentsThey are the ones coordinating with the different insurance providers and insurance partners to make sure that there are no errors to the claims. 

Data Management

The never-ending task of organizing data and making sure that all the numbers added up can take a long time to process. Trusting an outsourcing team to do this service for you can be tricky, but with us, your data is secured specially when we are talking about millions of insurance policy holders.

Customer Support

Our team of professional customer support representatives will help you assist all the inbound inquiries asking for the different insurance policies your company is offering. They can also assist in providing information about their respective policies and payment processes.

Chat Support

Imagine all the visitors of your website on a daily basis, most of those visitors has a question or two. A realtime live chat support agent will be able to provide the realtime assistance and answers to their questions about your insurance services.

Appointment Setting

Our well trained agents will assist your potential customers in setting up appointment with your insurance experts to discuss the best policy that will suit their respective needs.