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The financial sector is the foundation of every business. Without adequate management or support it may result in irreparable damage. All of these, from payroll accounts to capital resources, must be managed appropriately. A Business Process Outsourcing Company such as Callhounds Global is equipped with proper tools and a workforce to provide unparalleled solutions like BPO Finance Support Outsourcing Solution to all types of financial company. You could hire a team who could focus on customer acquisition, back-office process management, and even document processing. We find out what your company needs and provide you with people who are experts in specific fields. We could also help in your telemarketing sector to generate leads, manage inquiries, and reach out through multiple channels like email marketing and cold calling prospect clients. The Creating value, finding focus: Global Insurance Report 2022 article, says the key driver is increasing digitalization—at both the front end, where technology enhances the customer experience and the back end, where digital drives productivity gains and operational performance.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Your team would consist of professionals that can be easily trained with whatever you need them to adapt. They would not be just working for you but could help you develop and restructure your company to adapt to the business world’s fast-paced system

According to a 2021 IBM Report, the pandemic hit the highest record on Data breach, reaching up to $4.24 million per incident on average. Callhounds Global is a certified PCI DSS Compliant, we take the security of our system seriously to protect our clients and their data. In addition, you can rest assured that all your customers information will remain confidential.

These are highly skilled professionals that undergo training to ensure that the distribution of tasks is executed when needed. When more tasks are done the right away, the productivity rate increases, and there would be room for growth. They have extensive training and background that includes years of experience.  

By outsourcing your team from Callhounds Global, you will be able to save up to 70% of your labor cost. In comparison, 3 agents in the Philippine is equivalent to 1 agent back home.

As you try to operate on risks and investments, there are possibilities that sometimes businesses would fail or suddenly rise. When you outsource your team, you can make adjustments depending on what your company needs.   

Our Finance Business Process Outsourcing Services

Virtual Bookkeepers

Part of our BPO Finance Support Outsourcing Solutions is our professional Virtual Assistants/Bookkeepers who are trained in general accounting and focuses on reporting and tracking your business’ income while overseeing all money transactions. They are in charge of conducting financial audits which includes your Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables. They can also compare bank statements, and guarantee the accuracy of financial records all year long. 

Payroll Processors

These are persons in charge of processing the payroll of the company’s employees and making sure that all the charges are correct. They are also in charge of resolving payment issues while keeping payroll operations operational while adhering to regulations and procedures.

Financial Advisors

A perfect solution for any bank is our BPO Bank Support Outsourcing Solution, which comes with our professional finance advisors who specializes in advising people who are interested in letting their money grow but have no or little knowledge about it. They are also known as personal financial advisors, financial planners, financial advisers, financial service advisors, and investment advisers.

Customer Support

Our team of professional Bank Customer Support and Loan Customer Support representatives will help you assist all the inbound inquiries asking for your services. This is perfect for Finance Institutions looking to improve their customer experience (CX) using our customer support solution.

Chat Support

Our BPO Bank Support Outsourcing and BPO Loan Support Outsourcing both offers Live Chat Support Solutions to support the growing number of customers inquiring through your website or app. Imagine all the visitors of your website on a daily basis, most of those visitors has a question or two. A realtime live chat support agent will be able to provide the realtime assistance and answers to their questions about your services.


Our BPO Loan Support Outsourcing Solution offers Telemarketing services which comes with our well trained professional agents who will run your campaign in promoting your product/service offering i.e. : Credit Card Promotions, Loan Promotions, and other Financing Campaigns.

Billing and Collections

These professionals are in charged of issuing invoices to your customers, and collecting their payments for the products or services that they’ve purchased. They can also do follow up on your aging receivables. This solution can be integrated with our Bank Customer Support Outsourcing Solution and our Loan Customer Support Outsourcing Solution.

Regulatory Compliance Support

These are professionals who are knowledgeable in your industry that will help you monitor the changes in different regulations help your company comply with all the regulatory compliances.

Due Diligence Support

These are professionals who are experts in conducting due diligence to help your company filter all bogus suppliers, and vendors.