Back Office Outsourcing Starts at $7

Callhounds Global provides efficient back office outsourcing solutions to businesses that are facing a growing amount of in-house tasks. Let us increase your work efficiency in order for your business to deliver the best results to your clients wihtout the risk of increasing your opex.

Benefits of Back Office Outsourcing Services

Cost Effective

Callhounds Global cost-effective Back Office Outsourcing is highly efficient. We will do the recruitment for your company at affordable rates. These include but are not limited to: Technical Recruitment, Data Management, Transcription, Legal, Content Moderation, and Digital Marketing.

Experienced Staff

Looking for an experienced support team for your growing business? Part of our Back Office Outsourcing Solution is hiring the best support staff that will act as your company’s support system no matter where you are.

High Competency

Highly competent staff will make your back office tasks a lot easier. Our solution will your human resources, data entry, data management, and legal support a lot easier and faster.

Our Back Office Solutions